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It's with a very heavy heart that we are announcing that Lucille's will not be re-opening. We are sadly just another casualty of small businesses being affected by this pandemic.

We wanted to personally thank all of our amazing staff members that have put their hearts and souls into Lucille's for the past 2 years, what a special place we created for our neighborhood! We would also like to thank each and every person that supported our little coffee shop, with all the choices out there, it made us smile to see so many people feeling at home with us! We will truly miss all of you!

Fortunately, we are so far still able to keep our other restaurant Folsom Tap House & Kitchen open and hope that maybe some of our Lucille's guests will come visit us there!

Lucille's specializes in the "third-wave" coffee artisanal coffee movement. Proud to partner with Santa Cruz-based Verve Coffee Roasters. We also proud to serve delicious breakfast and pastry items from local bakeries, food items created by us to go with our selection of our carefully selected craft beer, and fine wines.

Food Coffee & Beer

An array of delectable food and drink.

The Lucille's Experience

Lucille's is your neighborhood coffee place.


Lucilles salad
Take out large order shareables & side dishes.
Why Verve Coffee


The Farmlevel Initiative supports every hand that holds our coffee, from seed to cup, positively impacting communities at the local and global level.

It shows farmers that their work matters, their attention to detail is noticed, and that we support them every step of the way. It supports paying our farmers premiums for quality coffees through direct trade relationships. Our direct trade practice allows us to exceed Fair Trade minimums every time, no exceptions.

Read more about Farmlevel at Verve Coffee

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